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The Night Fiend

The Night Fiend is a short (1 – 4 hour) campaign, built for one level 1 character.

Why so small?
A few weeks prior to the writing of this wiki, my friend Cytron and I were talking about how it’s hard to fond dedicated players and how he and I are the only 2 dedicated players we know (and aren’t big into the social thing). So we came up with this idea, short 1 off 1 player campaigns. Ranging from 1 – 4 hours each, we could take turns running a campaign every week..

What’s the idea?
The night fiend is the first campaign in a series. The player Cytron will have 1 character through multiple small campaigns. So the player must inhabit a world, and be in a situation where lots of small adventures are somewhat normal. This world is not full constructed yet, and will be up in the map section soon. Please see The World

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