The World

The player Cytron Starts the campaign running in a forest, he is being chased by 3 hunting dogs. The player must quickly come to grips with what’s happening, and find his way out of the situation.

Now out of danger safe at home, the player learns that he is a mercenary being trained by the best guild. Starting as a novice, the player has been running little jobs here and there for the guild. He’s starts to peek the interest of the guild master, who in turn offers him his first mission.

The local farmers have been complaining about livestock going missing or turning up mutilated, One of the farmers went out the night prior to see if he could get to the bottom of it. He’s not been seen since. The player must investigate and discover the cause and find a way to rectify the situation.

If time permits, solving the problem opens a little side (on the fly) objective that will give a small bonus reward.

The player returns to the guild, victorious, defeated, or dead, receives his reward and is read for campaign number 2.

The World

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